About Us

Round 2 Objectives

Capacity Building of Incubators/Accelerators

Providing support to applicants to test innovative new programs focused on female entrepreneurs to increase uptake, improve mentoring, graduation and launch of new businesses.

Help Female Entrepreneurs overcome challenges of:

Social constraints & limited mobility
Market access & Business Planning
Startup and growth funding

Financial Access for Female Entrepreneurs

Supporting promising and impactful female led businesses launch or scale up their enterprises.

Advisory Committee

Sadia Khan

Board Director, Karandaaz

Mehr Shah

Director KMC, Karandaaz

Kaiyan Yousaf

Former Sr. Manager KM, Karandaaz

Amna Khalid

Social Development Advisor, DFID

Zulfiqar Qazilbash

Venture Capital & Enterprise Development Advisor


Am I eligible to apply for ICF Round 2?

Karandaaz is inviting incubators, accelerators or organizations that specifically work on supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs. The complete eligibility criteria is given in the term sheet.

I am a female entrepreneur and want to apply for startup or growth funding. Am I eligible?

In this call for applications, Kaarandaaz is only inviting the organizations listed above. These organizations, once selected, will solicit applications from female entrepreneurs to apply directly to them for mentoring and support.

How is this different from the Karandaaz Fintech Disrupt Challenge? Are they the same?

The Fintech Disrupt Challenge or FDC is another program of Karandaaz which focuses on financial technology firms (or Fintechs) only. The ICF rounds are centered around specific themes and providing access to finance for individuals and SMEs. Both these programs are different and have different requirements and objectives.

I have a question about the ICF, who should I reach out to?

If you have a question related to the ICF, please email ichallenge@karandaaz.com.pk.

What details should my application include?

For the detailed EOI application form, visit the ICF page on the Karandaaz website.

What sort of support can we expect?

Selected applicants will receive funding on a cost-share basis to implement their proposed program.

How long should the proposed program be and what’s the expected cohort size?

It is recommended that the applicant runs a mentoring program spanning approximately four months for a cohort size of 6-10 firms.

How do I know if I should apply as an incubator or an accelerator?

If you have predominantly worked with startups then you should apply as an incubator and if you have worked mostly with companies with a few years’ experience, then you should apply as an accelerator. Your application category will be determined by your past experience which will need to be substantiated.

Your application category will be determined by the following factors:

  1. Program proposed for startups versus existing firms (at least 2 year track record)
  2. Range of support and mentoring to be offered
  3. Past experience and track record
What is the next step in the process after submitting the EOI application?

The EOI’s will be evaluated by an Advisory Committee (details on icf.karandaaz.com.pk). The AC will short list applications and only shortlisted applicants will be asked to submit a detailed Business Plan and present their program to the AC.